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What GPS do you carry?

Discussion in 'Gear and Apparel' started by Shawn Gossman, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. Almighty Ed

    Almighty Ed SIHike.com Moderator Staff Member SIHike.com Moderator

    Smartphones work 10x better than a gps. There are so many more capabilities built in that would cost a fortune to have in a handheld gps. There's just not enough of a user base or competition to drive the market innovation needed. But as lacking as a gps is, their ruggedness and most of all battery life are what makes them a good tool to have. I have personally been on 2 nightmare hikes where my phone died and I had to just walk unfamiliar trail and see where it went. One of those was in pitch black darkness. I have a very good sense of direction but both of those trips I would have loved to have been able to check a gps for reassurance.

    But I understand your frustration. I was totally underwhelmed by mine and the difficulty setting it up. And I got it cheap. Can you return it? Sell it on Ebay maybe? The good news is they hold their value well. And if you do sell/return maybe just get a super rugged phone case and a battery bank charger to take on your hikes. You already have the AllTrails sub and using a phone with that is pretty easy. Good luck.
  2. Zac Wilson

    Zac Wilson New Member

    I was on basecamp again this morning and found more editing options in a hidden menu. I found that you can highlight your trail and click edit> options and rescale the thickness of the track as well as make those damn flags much smaller. There was also a check box for exporting the file in simplified form (supposedly with no flags or via points showing) I haven't tried that yet. And you can also change the color of your trail and resize icon font. I will play with it more this evening but I seem to be on the right track. Once I am able to bring a nice clean path into my gps I'll work on loading a topo map for that area. The topo maps from link you posted, when you load a section into your device, how does it know where to lay on your screen? Does it have coordinates embedded that tell it where to overlay? Or do you have to manually line it up and orient it on the screen? I'm assuming when you bring the topo into the gps and you select it and load it, it will automatically know where to go.
  3. Shawn Gossman

    Shawn Gossman SIHike.com Founder Staff Member SIHike.com Owner SIHike.com Moderator

    If only a smartphone had any kind of service in the forest, though! :p I always have a 'No Signal' status when I'm down there - I use Verizon, too.
  4. Zac Wilson

    Zac Wilson New Member

    I have Verizon smartphone too. I can turn it on airplane mode to keep it from searching for cell signal and draining battery but the gps loses satellite signal under the thick trees. This new gps I got shows full signal even when I'm in the house. It has way better connection than my phone. Once I get the software figured out it'll be an awesome tool.
  5. Almighty Ed

    Almighty Ed SIHike.com Moderator Staff Member SIHike.com Moderator

    Yeah you dont need cell service for the gps function. But still a stand alone gps is a good idea. Especially when you really really need one!
  6. Zac Wilson

    Zac Wilson New Member

    I got it finally. topo map loaded and track loaded without the annoying flags and dots. the track color is magenta so I have to figure out how to change the color but its not that big of deal I guess. I can change the track color in basecamp but when I imported it into my gps it still showed up as purple. the topo file is basic but still shows water and some elevation.

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