The Upper Current River Trip

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I've been wanting to do this trip for a very long time. Actually, it all started a very long time ago with a buddy bragging about his trout fishing trip to Montauk State Park. I love fishing, I've never caught or eaten trout. Then we did a bunch of Current float trips and got hooked on that river. Now with the kayaks and easy camper... it's a have to go situation. So next weekend I'm doin the damn thing!

Plans thus far? I'm not a planner. My plans are loose and subject to change on a whim. It's how I roll. But here's the jist.

1- Pack all week. I'm taking a load. Bikes, yaks, boots. And everything camp I own.

2- Leave Thursday evening after work and drive to Montauk. Set up camp.

3- Spend all day chillaxin in the cool trout laden waters, enjoying the serenity of Montauk State Park.

4- Camp at Montauk Friday night then jerk camp early am Saturday morning. Move base camp to Pulltite Campgrounds.

5- Shuttle up river to Cedar Grove- yak back to base camp. Saturday evening at Pulltite.

6- Jerk camp and roll to the burg.

Hopefully, work and life in general, cooperate in this venture!

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A friend of mine has gifted me 2 nights reservations for camp site 105 at Montauk for Friday and Saturday night. Momma just confirmed her Friday off. Almost there!

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Did not go kayaking. All damn day Friday was upper 30's, windy, and almost rain. Saturday started out the same then turned super nice about 1 pm. Too late for a decent float so we just fished and hung out around Montauk. Great trip nonetheless!

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Although this trip is no longer kayak related I would like to say a few things about Montauk State Park in BF Missouri.

1. It's a pretty nice park but it is over-run with trout fishing fanatics. If you camp by the creek/river, expect strangers in your campsite. That part was a little odd to me. But river access points are fair game no matter where they are. 7 am to 7:30 pm. Had a whole family yappin and giggling right outside my camper 7:15 this morning. I got out and just stood there, pulling hard on that Camel menthol, hair and beard all in business for themselves, wearing Adidas pants I should not wear in public. I shut that yappin and giggling **** down!

2. Easy access to hot showers and flush shitters. Very scenic. Take a bike and ride around. That part was great!

3. Restaurant and store on site at the lodge. The restaurant has a decent menu. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Store has basic camp cooking supplies. Ketchup, mustard, and so on. It also has a decent size tackle/fishing side where you can buy everything needed from licensees to lures. Good selection on that stuff. Reasonably priced considering youre in BF Missouri.

4. Cabins for $82 per night! I'll go that route when I return. I like my camper but dragging it that far was a pain. I coulda had a couch!

5. Zero as in "0" cell service. Battery drains fast. But free wifi with decent signal at nearly all campsites. That was a life saver!

6. Take waders and go fishing. Seriously. Don't go to this park unless you want to go fishing. It's a fishing park. I may use it as a base camp for future Current River yak runs though. The restaurant and hot showers make that idea great.

7 I cant think of anything else.