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FORUM POLICY Southern Illinois Hiking Forum - Official Forum Rules & Guidelines

Discussion in 'SIHike.com Forum News and Help Center' started by Shawn Gossman, Jan 26, 2017.

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  1. Shawn Gossman

    Shawn Gossman SIHike.com Founder Staff Member SIHike.com Owner SIHike.com Moderator

    Greetings Members,

    Welcome to the Southern Illinois Hiking Forum, SI Hike, for short. SI Hike was created for the discussion of hiking, backpacking and related outdoor recreational activities for the southern Illinois and nearby regions. This forum is devoted to being pro-hiking, backpacking and outdoor recreation and was not created for parties who oppose hiking, backpacking and outdoor recreation in southern Illinois. If you oppose this sort of outdoor recreational activity, please do not participate on this forum because you will not be welcomed here by those of us who are participating on the forum. With that being said, please take a look at the following official rules and guidelines created for this forum. The rules and guidelines below governs your use of this forum and were created to ensure that all members can enjoy their experience while using Southern Illinois Hiking Forum. By using this forum, you agree to be bound by the following rules and guidelines:

    Member Account Guidelines
    By creating a member account on Southern Illinois Hiking Forum, you agree to the following guidelines pertaining to member accounts:
    1. All members may have one account (1) only. Creating more than one account per member is strictly prohibited.
    2. The sharing of an account is not allowed. If multiple participants in a household or unit wish to participate on this forum, each individual must have their own account. If this occurs, prepare to be contacted by official forum staff members wishing to discover information on why multiple accounts share the same IP address. Just explain that other household and/or unit individuals have created their own account and it will be allowed to remain.
    3. Accounts may not be given away, traded, bought and/or sold under any circumstance.
    4. Accounts are the responsibility of the individuals who create them. Please ensure that you choose a secure password that isn't easy to guess. Never share your password with anyone, not even official forum staff team members. No one but you will ever need to know your password. It is advised to use lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and symbols in your password to increase the security level of your password.
    5. Members accounts may not be deleted. Please refrain from requesting it and/or demanding it as such requests will likely be rejected and/or ignored. Creating an account is completely optional but once you do create your account, it remains active. The same goes with content that you transmit on this forum - we will not delete it upon request.
    6. Do not create an account that impersonates someone or and entity other than yourself under any circumstance.
    7. Do not create an account for commercial and/or advertising purposes without official permission from the website administrator, Shawn Gossman.
    8. While non-logged in visitors cannot see most of your account details, members of the forum can access much of what you have included in your profile. Please refrain from including very personal information. While you are required to provide a valid email, date of birth and other information, you can adjust the privacy level of most information. Official forum staff members can bypass privacy levels.
    9. Do not abuse the private message system. Our official forum staff members do not read private messages nor do they have the ability to do so. However, if your message is reported as spam or abuse, we will instantly gain access to read it. Abusing this private message system will result in being banned from the message system and maybe even the forum as a whole.
    10. Do not use email addresses or website links as your username.

    Member Conduct Guidelines
    By participating on Southern Illinois Hiking Forum, you agree to the following rules and guidelines pertaining to how you behave on this forum:
    1. You will not abuse other members in any way. This includes harassment, stalking, threats of any kind, profane remarks geared towards another person and/or entity, extreme profane remarks, sexual misconduct and cyber-bullying.
    2. You will not conduct activities that are considered constant negativity, bigotry, hateful and/or racial in nature on this forum.
    3. You will not conduct activities that oppose outdoor recreation in southern Illinois.
    4. You will not conduct activities that are against America, law enforcement, conservation and armed forces of the United States. We don't want that kind here.
    5. You will not join this forum for the purpose of advertising, harvesting member information and/or commercial purposes.
    6. You will not join this forum with the intent of violating these rules and/or other policies that we have created.
    7. You will not violate privacy of yourself, another person and/or entity on this forum under any circumstance.
    8. You will not join this forum if you are an active criminal, felon or a registered sexual offender of any kind.
    9. You will not conduct illegal activities and/or promote them on this forum.
    10. You will not transmit, link to or promote media/content/links that are considered harmful and/or disruptive to computing and/or internet services including wares, pirated content, viruses, Trojans, ransom-ware, spyware and adware.
    11. You will not violate copyright, trademark and/or trade secret regulations on this forum.
    12. You will not disrespect official forum staff team members on this forum.

    Age Policy
    Southern Illinois Hiking Forum is devoted to the protection of children online. Therefore, our forum complies with the Children Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) of the United States of America. In order to use this forum and/or create an account, members must be at least 13 years of age or older to participate. If you are 12 years of age or under, you are strictly prohibited from using this forum under any circumstance. Those found to be violating this condition will be banned for life.

    Forum Rating Policy
    This forum is rated as a PG-13 environment. Therefore, the discussion of adult-rated materials such as sexual content, pornography and/or extreme violence is not allowed. If the content is inappropriate for ages 13 and over, it is not allowed on this forum.

    Spam Guidelines
    By using this forum, you agree to the following conditions related to spam, advertising, data collection and commercial activities:
    1. You will not join this forum for advertising/commercial activities without official permission from the administrator, Shawn Gossman.
    2. You will never use this forum to harvest and/or collect user information for commercial and/or non-commercial reasons under any circumstance.
    3. User private information will not be shared with advertisers under any circumstances.
    4. Advertising on this forum is allowed when the link is related to the discussion that is taking place. Topics meant solely to advertise are allowed if related to the forum topic and within an appropriate section of the forum. Non-related advertising will be considered spam, removed and the account will be banned on sight.
    5. Spam is strictly prohibited!
    6. Off-topic and content containing posts that do not make any sense are considered spam and will result in a ban with content removal.
    7. Linking to websites that are created for advertising purposes is strictly prohibited.
    8. Linking to direct competition websites (i.e. other southern Illinois hiking forums, etc.) is not allowed without official permission from the forum administrator, Shawn Gossman.

    Violating these rules may result in disciplinary actions being taken by our official forum staff member team. Members are encouraged to report violations so that we may take action if needed. Disciplinary actions may include but are not limited to unofficial warnings, official warnings, suspension of features, moderation, temporary bans and even permanent bans. We reserve the right to share member information with government and/or law enforcement officials if a crime has taken place or we are summoned to participate in a legal and/or civil investigation. If crime takes place on this forum, we will report it to the proper authorities.

    Thank you for reading and accepting these official forum rules and guidelines. We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time without notice.

    Last Updated on 1/26/2017
  2. Shawn Gossman

    Shawn Gossman SIHike.com Founder Staff Member SIHike.com Owner SIHike.com Moderator

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