Eyeglasses while hiking and backpacking

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I wear glasses and was wondering if anyone had tips or maybe suggestions on brands that can be used while hiking and backpacking? My current pair are thick plastic and hold up well but I want something that won't break if I decide to go on a multiday backpacking trip and ideas on what to do to prevent fogging, smuding and them falling off. Thanks and I really appreciate any help.

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I know your pain! I work construction and sweat profusely. Between that and debris I'm constantly wiping/ruining glasses. Have you tried contacts lately? I wear extended wears and only have to mess with them about once a month. Almost hassle free and way less hassle than glasses. Other than that you may look into prescription safety glasses. I had some when I worked at the dam and they held up great. Had the auto darkening lenses. Fogging and smudging though is just part of it. You can treat em with anti-fog but that just makes em form large drops of water instead of fog. Anti-fog wipes are cheap enough but I think it's just rubbing alcohol on a wet nap. Anyways thats all I have. Good luck!
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I cant do contacts for a couple of reasons so that is a no go, but I'll check on safety glasses or just deal with it..lol