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crest trail/cave hill

Discussion in 'State Parks and Natural Areas' started by EZ Rawker, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. EZ Rawker

    EZ Rawker New Member

    Hi Folks - planning to camp this weekend and looking for a new spot. It's been years since I walked the Crest Trail between Glen O Jones and Stoneface. Does anyone know if there are good camp spots on the ridge?
  2. Shawn Gossman

    Shawn Gossman SIHike.com Founder Staff Member SIHike.com Owner SIHike.com Moderator

    @Almighty Ed might be able to help you out with this one :)
  3. Almighty Ed

    Almighty Ed SIHike.com Moderator Staff Member SIHike.com Moderator

    Yeah theres a few good spots. Just be careful with fire. Its crazy dry out there right now. I'd also mention that the best part (the entire ridge from GlenO to the mountain road) is a natural area so technically camping is illegal. But You should be ok as long as you dont advertise your location and leave no trace.
  4. EZ Rawker

    EZ Rawker New Member

    I thought it is a natural area, but I wasn't sure about camping. I worry about fire too,but I don't want to pass up a beautiful weekend. Might be better off nice a nice long dayhike. Either way, thanks for the info.
  5. Almighty Ed

    Almighty Ed SIHike.com Moderator Staff Member SIHike.com Moderator

    I dont get why they made the whole area a Natural Area. Sure there are delicate ecosystems on/near the bluffs but for the most part its just a lonely forgotten trail along a ridge top in a plain old forest. There are three perfect spots that are just made for a campsite. Two of them are just before you reach the big bluffs on top of Cave Hill. Both have a killer panoramic northwestern view. I would totally camp at one of those if I packed the gear all the way up there. The third one however is over by Stone Face. Top of the trail. Turn right to the face or left toward Gleno. Its to the left maybe 100 yds. Sweet pano view like the others but facing the forest hills instead. Im not sure that one is fair game for camping or not but people do it.

    I do know at least one "good" spot where it would be 100% legal. After you come down off of Cave Hill you hike down to a valley with a small creek. Right across that little creek the trail splits left or right. If you take the trail right(seems like the wrong way) for just a hundred feet or so it turns left again and goes up to what I call Sunrise. Sunrise is a big patch of huge rocks that gently slope east. Killer sunrises there hence the name. Those rocks are actually NA but the spot right at the base/west edge is not. Its at the dead end of an old forestry road. Its ok to camp there.

    I had a great map of this hike that included a really cool alternate adventure route for the last mile or so. My picture links all died on here but if youre interested I can probably dig it up and repost it.
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  6. EZ Rawker

    EZ Rawker New Member

    I had forgotten about Sunrise. I think I'll try it out. I can always double back and stay on the ridge if prefer it - or go on to Stoneface and stay up there. Thanks again for the great info. And I would love to see the alternate route if you get around to it.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2017
  7. Almighty Ed

    Almighty Ed SIHike.com Moderator Staff Member SIHike.com Moderator

    Well I checked and the pics are still good in my Crest thread. Here it is... The Tecumseh to Stone Face Trail (Crest Trail) (Cave Hill Trail)

    Here's my map with arrows so it'll be easier to explain.
    cave hill trail 2.PNG

    The blue arrow is the fork in the trail I mentioned where you need to go right to get up to Sunrise. Just go right and look for the next trail left. Pretty easy. Black arrow is approx Sunrise. When you leave Sunrise just follow the dirt road out to the gravel road(Red Arrow). Turn right and walk down just a little ways to the dirt road left(Orange Arrow). Follow that dirt road till it peters out and you'll see a big forestry boundary survey marker sign (Purple Arrow). From here you'll have to bushwhack hike straight west a little but its not bad and gets better once you hit the bluffs. From then on just follow the bluff line. These bluffs arent as spectacular as the ones on Cave Hill but they are pretty cool nonetheless and beat the **** out of just blazing through the woods. As you get close to Stone Face the bluff line start to turn back east and theres a pretty mean gorge below. Stay up on the bluffs keeping an eye out for the creek that runs through it. You can walk down and cross the creek easily by walking to just before the gorge starts. At the creek... (Gold Arrow), right where the first decent size waterfall drops, climb up the opposite side and you'll hit the trail to Stone Face.

    IMO, this is the best way to hike the Crest Trail as per awesome scenery to footsteps traveled.
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  8. EZ Rawker

    EZ Rawker New Member

    My overnighter was a big success. The Crest Trail really needs some boots on the ground; it is grown up pretty bad in spots and I'm amazed I didn't get chiggers and poison ivy. I chose the wrong trail instead of turning toward Sunrise at the forest boundary. I went west toward the Fire Rd. I wasn't sure where to bushwack, so made my way to Stoneface Rd and walked approximately a mile on gravel. I think the climb up Stoneface Ln was the steepest part of the hike! Ended up walking about 7 miles in all. Camped on the bluffs with a gorgeous view and a huge moon.
  9. Matt

    Matt New Member

    Is it all bushwacking until the Stoneface trail once you reach the purple arrow? Also, where exactly are these "Stoneface Barrens" located at? Between the purple arrow and the Stoneface trail? (Stone Face Barrens & Bluffs 11/8/13) Thanks
  10. Almighty Ed

    Almighty Ed SIHike.com Moderator Staff Member SIHike.com Moderator

    It is all bushwhack once you purple arrow but its not bad. Theres almost a trail along the bluffs out there too. The barrens is just after the bluffs as you head back east near the gorge part. Its not very big but kinda cool. Theres an interesting pile of small rocks on it too. Not sure if its an old grave or something like that. I did not disturb it.
  11. Matt

    Matt New Member

    Nice, I'll try to check out the bluffs/barrens if I have time, I'll definitely hit the Sunrise Rocks and maybe Stoneface via the powerline opening and FR 1454, if it's drive-able that is.

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